Luger Airsoft Pistol Review

Luger Airsoft Pistol

Luger pistol (P08, Parabellum, the Borchardt-Luger) is a pistol of 9 mm caliber, designed in 1900 by Austrian Georg Luger-based gun design by Hugo Borchardt. The main advantage of “Parabellum” is a high accuracy, achieved by a convenient “anatomic” handle with a great angle and light (almost sporty) descent. Complex and expensive to manufacture, “Parabellum”, … Read moreLuger Airsoft Pistol Review

Mauser Airsoft Pistol Review

mauser c96 airsoft - 1

Many fans of handguns, combat pistols available samples. So they get themselves mass-dimensional layouts. Similar layout as the fighting weapon you can disassemble and reassemble, charge it to the store with the fake bullets, cock the shutter and defuse the trigger by pressing the trigger. Only this gun does not shoot. There are also starter … Read moreMauser Airsoft Pistol Review