Colt Airsoft Revolver Review

Colt Airsoft Revolver Review

The history of the revolver of the Colt of Peacemaker began in 1873, at the time of the Wild West. It is the revolver still calls the Colt 1873 or Single Action Army. At that time in the market of the weapon in America the Colt companies and “Smith and Wesson” dominated. The last, generally carried out military orders of the foreign states, and the first paid the main attention to domestic market. Peacemaker was intended for the American army and, first of all, for a cavalry. There he received the name Single Action Army. This revolver was also popular among the civilian population and was made from 1873 to 1941 (the company switched to military orders). For this period 357000 copies of this model were made. Upon termination of World War II to the company many letters with a request arrived to resume its production, as were made partly, under pressure of competitors. Since 1955, the Colt company made (with small breaks) about 250000 Peacemaker revolvers.

The glossy nickelized and blued versions of these model about 29 various calibers (from.22 LR to.476 E1eu) with trunks of various length are issued (very long trunk of the models Buntline, Frontier Six-Shooter, Sheriff’s, Frontier Scout, Storekeeper, Bisley, etc.). Now this revolver is issued in calibers.45 Long Colt and.44-40 (an old cartridge for a carbine). Peacemaker still bewitches imagination of the person. Any western doesn’t do without this “six charger”. Many producers often copied this revolver: according to the license and without it. Colt’s revolver of Officer’s Model was made from 1904 to 1972. During two world wars it wasn’t issued as military orders were carried out.

colt peacemaker airsoft

There are some versions of this model, among which Officer’s Model Match intended for target firing (the model is described in this book). There are versions with a length of trunks of 4, 4 1/2, 5, 6 and even 7 inches and calibers.22LR, 22 WMR, .32 Colt, .38 Special and.38 Shorts or Long Colt. The short barrel model.22 LR with a 6-inch trunk which is made since 1950 possesses high precision of hit as in the course of production of details the prime attention is paid to their quality. This model is of value for collectors as it was made in small amounts. Versions of this model are Colt Officer’s Model, Colt of Officer’s Model Special and Colt of Officer’s Model Target. After World War II the Colt company passed to production of the weapon for civil needs. Costs of labor increased therefore it was necessary to reduce production expenses. In the 1960th the company made the decision to develop the new revolver on the basis of idea of economy. Colt Trooper III which appeared in 1969 on replacement of the old Trooper model made from 1953 to 1967 became him.

Colt Trooper Mark III with 6" barrel - .357 Magnum

Originally the Trooper Mark III revolver was issued in caliber option.357 Magnum, and later, calibers.22 LR.22 WMR and.38 Special. This model was followed by the Lawman Mark III models with fixed entirely, Official Police, Officer’s Model Mark III to caliber.38 Special and Metropolitan. The trigger gear was borrowed the Python Colt model, but instead of a lamellar spring the cylindrical was used. Buyers are offered blued, nickeled and the glossy nickeled models. In 1982 the Colt of Trooper Mark V came to replacement of the Mark III model. On appearance of model practically didn’t differ, but to the device the peahen of model made some changes from which the edge of the ventilated trunk was the basic. The corner of a fighting spring was also changed, and together with it the cock angle of shock on the drummer with 54 ° to 46 ° decreased. Thus, pressure force in the mode of double action decreased by a trigger.

Colt Python - Weapon-Planet

The revolver the Colt of Python takes a special place among revolvers of double action. It is called “Rolls-Royce” of revolvers. Everyone who shot from it understands that means. Excellent operation of the trigger gear is supplemented with faultless quality. Bill Henry’s child, employee of the company.the Python revolver appeared in 1955, and called corresponded to the concept of that time the Colt. The first “snake” Cobra revolver.38 Special appeared in 1951. “Snake” names and at the King Cobra and Anaconda models. Originally, length of a trunk of Python made 6 inches, but a variety was necessary. In some years there were Python Police models with 4 inch trunks, and in 1980 model for hunting with the 8th inch trunk. Since 1955 and till today not really successful experiments with various calibers were made: the single Python models of caliber.38 Special and even caliber were issued.22LR. There are changes and in appearance of revolvers. Standard finishing is royal burnishing though exist nickeled, corrosion-proof,matte and glossy (Ultimate) models. Now it is possible to get revolvers with a trunk 2, 4, 6 and 8 inches long.

welcome to the world of weapons: Colt King Cobra

At the end of 1985 the Colt company presented the new King Cobra Colt model.

It was supposed that its production will begin in 1986, but the strike of employees of the company for a long time removed its beginning. Such delay was twice unpleasant as the company celebrated 150-year anniversary. This revolver is made of noncorrosive steel. The device reminds it the Trooper Mk V device, but the form. The trunk is equipped with a weighting compound which gives to the revolver a type of new model Smith and Wesson Model 686. There are versions of model with trunks 2, 4, 6 and 8 inches long. This revolver of double action is equipped special regulated rear sight the Colt and standard moldings from solid Gripper rubber. The drum is located on the frame back. Instead of a lamellar fighting spring it is used cylindrical (Python and Trooper MK III models). Strangely enough, but “Colt” didn’t make caliber revolvers.44 Magnum. And only in 1990, in 35 years after emergence of the first boss of this caliber, there was Anaconda Colt.

In the market of the weapon of this caliber the Smith and Vesson, Ruger and Dan Wesson companies dominated. It is possible to consider the Anaconda model as the integrated version of the Python Colt model. Since 1993 production of the Anaconda model of caliber.45 Long Colt began. The first gun Colt of this caliber appeared in 1877 and Lightning was called. The weighting compound of a trunk and an edge of ventilation give to Anaconda an attractive look. At this revolver the surprising name (an anaconda – the largest snake in the world), as, however, and other “snake”: Python, KingCobra. Moldings from solid rubber Pachmayr with the Colt logo for the best control of kickback have deepening for fingers. At the end of 1992 Colt’s revolvers were modified (numbers of a series and the name didn’t change): in revolvers of the first series deep lots of trunks provoked their excessive pollution by lead: in modern revolvers such pollution is excluded.

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