Luger Airsoft Pistol Review

Luger Airsoft Pistol Review

Luger pistol (P08, Parabellum, the Borchardt-Luger) is a pistol of 9 mm caliber, designed in 1900 by Austrian Georg Luger-based gun design by Hugo Borchardt.

The main advantage of “Parabellum” is a high accuracy, achieved by a convenient “anatomic” handle with a great angle and light (almost sporty) descent.

Complex and expensive to manufacture, “Parabellum”, however, proved to be very successful, and became an advanced weapon system for its time. Are going on at present.

Luger Airsoft Pistol

The history of creation

Luger pistol was a talented design alteration of the gun Borchardt, which up to 1904 in the European countries it was called the gun system Borchardt-Luger. Hugo Borchardt and Georg Luger were co-workers for the German arms firm “Ludwig Loewe & CO.” in Karlsruhe, where Georg Luger was engaged in the development of a self-loading pistol.

Then, in 1896, Georg Luger was leading a group of developers in DWM and all of the work was to own.

DWM – Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken – German factory for the production of weapons and ammunition, founded in 1889, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg. Since 1896 the headquarters in Berlin on Kaiserin-August-Allee.

In the Luger pistol, in contrast to the Borchardt pistol, the levers for folding rested not in the plate return spring, and the lug of the pistol frame. Plate return spring moved into the handle and then was replaced by the twisted. These changes have the potential to substantially reduce the size and weight of the gun without compromising service performance.

In 1898, a 49-year-old engineer Georg Johann Luger presented a sample of his 7.65 mm with a barrel length of 122 mm, under the name Versuchsmodelle III (experimental model No. 3) to the Swiss government for the purchase. The tests of this weapon took place in 1899.

30 September 1899 by Georg Luger patented a number of his ideas incorporated in the new model gun.

4 may 1900 by a parliamentary decree the gun was adopted by the Swiss army under the name “Pistole, Ordonnanz 1900, System Borchardt-Luger”. Firm DWM is committed to manufacture 3,000 pistols for the Swiss army.

After that, pistols Luger 7,65 mm caliber entered service a number of other countries, these were bought from Brazil, Holland, Portugal, Russia and Turkey. In 1902 1000 pistols the Luger model 1900 was purchased by the U.S. government for tests in the armed forces.

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