Makarov Airsoft Pistol Review

Makarov Airsoft Pistol Review

9 mm Makarov (PM) — a self-loading pistol, designed by the Soviet designer Nikolai Fyodorovich Makarov in 1948. Adopted in 1951. Is the personal weapon in the Soviet and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

Makarov Airsoft Pistol

The history of creation

In 1947-1948, the USSR held a competition for a new compact pistol for senior officers of the Soviet Army. A TT pistol and especially the revolver Nagant was considered already obsolete samples. In addition, it was decided to introduce in the army two pistols: a long-barreled automatic for line officers (it was the Stechkin automatic pistol) and small — for senior officers and as “weapons of peace”. The competition was to create the gun is blowback and double-action trigger mechanism. As a starting point the designers were offered well-proven Walther PP, first produced in 1929. Was originally required to present two sample — in the calibers 7,65 mm and 9 mm, and later settled on the newly created 9-mm cartridge 9×18 mm PM, more powerful (bullet energy 300 j) than the cartridge 9×17 mm, which was used in “Walther PP”. The bullet of this cartridge has the best stopping power than a bullet cartridge 7,62×25 mm TT, despite the lower power. Moderate power cartridge allows you to use a design with a fixed barrel and free the shutter.

Their development presented by F. V. Tokarev, S. G. Simonov, S. Korovin, I. Ya Stechkin, K. A. Baryshev, P. V. Voyevodin, I. I. Rakov, A. A. Klimov, G. V. Sevryugin, A. I. Lobanov, N. F. Makarov. All designs in size, layout and structure were similar to the German prototype. With Soviet development was also tested in the competition program of the Walther PP, Mauser HSc, Sauer 38H, Beretta M1934 and a FN model 1910/22. Due to its characteristics the winner was the Makarov pistol, but it was recommended to make some changes to the design. In 1951, the Makarov pistol under the designation of PM was adopted for the army and law enforcement agencies.

Setting up my gun Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov worked day and night. According to the memoirs of the constructor: Suffice it to say that I worked every day, virtually seven days a week, from eight in the morning until two or three o’clock in the morning, with the result that I finished and shot samples in two, and even three times more than my opponents, which certainly gave the opportunity to perfection to fulfill reliability and survivability. ”

The overall layout of the PM like a pistol “Walther PP”, but Makarov significantly improved the base system “Walter” in several areas: facilitation, design and handling of a gun, his service; the versatility of parts; enhancement of reliability in extreme conditions; an increase in strength of parts and service resources; to improve the manufacturability and mass production rates. The firing mechanism PM is arranged quite differently, in a different way solved the magazine release button and fuse, added the lever to the shutter delay. Hinged trigger guard, as the stroke limiter for the shutter, borrowed from German designs.

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