Mauser Airsoft Pistol Review

Mauser Airsoft Pistol Review

Many fans of handguns, combat pistols available samples. So they get themselves mass-dimensional layouts. Similar layout as the fighting weapon you can disassemble and reassemble, charge it to the store with the fake bullets, cock the shutter and defuse the trigger by pressing the trigger. Only this gun does not shoot. There are also starter guns, which are used for firing blank cartridges. These guns can produce noise shooting and enjoy the view of departing liners. And if you want to shoot at some objects or targets? And not just from a standard air gun, such as the analogue of a historical gun.

mauser c96 airsoft

In this case, you can buy airsoft gun. Models of pistols for airsoft are characterized by high similarity with martial weapons like in appearance and weight, and so on. Among them there are models of pistols, which are more common in the recent historical past. But even if neither the name nor the appearance of most of the guns you will not say anything, seeing, for example, the gun “Mauser” or “Parabellum”, you most likely can guess what time period they relate. One of these pistols and consider in this review. Guns of recent historical past not often used in airsoft games, as, metaphorically speaking, “their shot” and did not suit the players airsoft teams in these games. But you can use them as weapons in competition when shooting from airsoft-gun; for recreational shooting or how the layout of historical weapons, from which you can even and shoot.

The simplest airsoft guns are spring. There is such a specimen and among airsoft pistols, whose appearance plays the legendary Mauser. Pistol “Mauser C-96” manufactured by “Cyma”, which is engaged in the production of inexpensive airsoft weapons. Usually spring models are made of plastic, but this gun made of metal alloy, and therefore weighs 860 g. the Gun is quite heavy, but its weight does not hold up to combat the samples, which weighed more than a kilo, depending on the modification of the gun and the capacity of the store. This airsoft gun shop holds 14 balls. By the way, his shop is also metal and quite weighty. The power of the gun is small, however, as with all spring models, the speed of the bullet is only 60 m/s. Shooting is single shots, like all spring guns, this revolver before each shot you need to cock the shutter. But the first model combat revolver also fired only single shots, because the model, allowing you to fire burst appeared only after 30 years after creation of the baseline model. But a spring guns an advantage in that it for shooting not needs extra consumable materials such as gas cylinders or accumulators.

Look at the history of the pistol. The design of the gun was patented in Germany in 1895, an Interesting coincidence: in the same year in Russia was adopted revolver Nagant, which bears the official name “the revolver of the sample of 1895”. We both gun, mainly in the period of the October revolution and the civil war. Gun Mauser brothers created Federle in 1893, They worked as designers at the arms factory Mauser. One of the brothers – Fidel Feederle – since 1894 was appointed Manager at the same factory. Paul Mauser participated in refining the gun, and two years later the gun was patented in his name as “Mauser C-96”. Next year the gun was patented in the UK.

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